You Already Are Everything You Desire To Be

Human potential expert, multiple award-winning filmmaker & internationally acclaimed speaker, James A Sinclair shares how to release limiting beliefs that obscure the expression of the superhuman self within.

Modern science progressively verifies what ancient knowledge has recorded - that each person is intrinsically connected to a higher power within containing limitless potential.  The only thing that holds people back from experiencing and expressing more of it, is the limiting beliefs we learned.  

Often, with the best of intentions, we learned limiting concepts about life and who we are from people who didn't know much about their own potential, let alone ours.  Especially from the ages of 0 to 6, these concepts were absorbed by the subconscious mind like a sponge and became deep beliefs that are still running and ruling our lives today.

These limiting beliefs formed an image of who we think we are.  Although in truth, this small self-image is false, it dictates every aspect of our lives, and we will never out perform the programmed image we hold of ourselves.

Quantum physics demonstrates how every person, place, time, thing, event, our entire reality, is a reflection of what we subconsciously believe about ourselves and life.  The state of our health, mind, financial status, and relationships, the way we feel and more, are all being controlled by our innermost beliefs. Science exhibits how our behaviour is governed by our predominant beliefs.  

"My passion is helping people relinquish the underlying beliefs that are causing the results in their lives that cover up who they really are.  Once these beliefs are dissolved, more of their innate infinite potential automatically pours through.  People realize that this false self was never real, and they experience a higher version of themselves, and are freed from the pain, trauma and suffering linked to these limiting beliefs."

James A Sinclair's  journey of finding the most effective methods of transformation took him all around the world from churches to monasteries, ashrams, to living with some of the world’s most advanced saints, sages, and masters. 

He's interviewed metaphysicians, philosophers, neuroscientists, psychologists, cell biologists, physicians and other leading transformational experts in order to discover and utilize the latest cutting-edge techniques that reprogram the subconscious mind and bring permanent transformation.

"The challenges in our lives are opportunities to remove the cause and embody more of the Grand Self within...and when we do the plasticity of our reality literally reshapes itself."

About James A Sinclair


James A Sinclair is a world leading personal development educator helping people embody human potential to an entirely new level of consciousness.  His multiple award-winning inspiring movies communicate how the limiting beliefs we learned are the only thing holding us back from actualizing the superhuman self within. Learn more at Contact James at:


What does it take to actualize our limitless potential within?  James A Sinclair shares his profound  experience of connecting to the source within and manifesting instantly with audiences around the globe. His award-winning documentary film is called What If? The Movie. Welcome James, what are some of myths surrounding what humanity is truly capable of and how do we overcome them?


James A Sinclair is a world leading educator and motivator of how to relinquish limiting beliefs that obscure the realization and expression of the Superhuman Self, within.

James has a vision of a perfect world, a heaven on earth, where every single person is awakened to the beauty, power and light of the Grand Self within them. As this happens individually, people movie from insecurity to security, from lack to abundance, from fear to love. In this state it is impossible to hate anyone, commit acts of violence, etc, and the world is transformed into the expression of love and beauty.

As a Visionary and fascinating keynote speaker, he is invited to speak in numerous cities around the globe. He is known for sharing leading-edge technologies and methods that transform the subconscious mind, virtually instantly, yielding measurable results in every area of life and business. His projects (Inspiring Movies, Transformational Seminars and other Visionary Ventures) are dedicated to the realization of humanity's highest destiny. His inspiring documentary movies have won 7 internationally recognized awards. 

As the former Executive Director for a highly progressive alternative health center, combined with learning from the world’s most advanced saints, sages, scientists, cell biologists and quantum physicists, James A Sinclair’s knowledge, experience and passionate commitment to results have been translated into proven methods to help clients achieve peak performance in all aspects of their lives. 

James was invited to speak in Mt. Shasta at the Wesak celebration as one of the key speakers as well as participate in the 12-person leaders discussion for world peace. He has appeared walking on fire in an award-winning documentary on the Discovery Channel, and is a featured guest speaker on countless local & international TV & radio shows. 

James A Sinclair travels around the globe passionately, to promote and realize the vision of creating a new world that reflects the realization of each individual’s Superhuman Self within.

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Suggested Interview Questions

1. You've had a tremendous awakening early in your life where you experienced the oneness of the source energy we're all connected to that transformed your life.  Can you share your most impactful realization or 'aha' moment?

2. You state that the root cause of all suffering are limiting beliefs that hold back our limitless potential and the expression of who we really are.  Can you describe some of the ways that we learned these beliefs?

3. What conditions in our lives are these negative beliefs responsible for?

4. I know you've traveled the world to find the most effective methods to help people relinquish these limiting beliefs.  How can we overcome these restrictive beliefs, that essentially keep us stuck and hold us back from being the highest version of ourselves?

5. Can you share an experience where a person dissolved unwanted beliefs that lead to transforming a physical illness?

6. Are there any limits at all?

7. In your award-winning documentary, What If? The Movie, you interviewed top experts like Neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton, is there a common denominator in respect to the various methods and techniques out there that bring change?

8. In The Grand Self Movie, you speak of the importance of managing your inner states.  What is an easy way to accomplish this?

9. Is it possible to stop ageing and even reverse ageing?

10. How can we better view the problems and challenges in our lives?

11. Just about everybody is carrying emotional baggage that impacts our health and well-being, and especially our cells.  What is cellular memory?

12. The media is hearing a lot about the benefits of meditation, and I know you include meditation in your programs.  How does meditation fit in with your work?

13. What do you feel is the highest success humanity can reach in life?

14. What is your favourite definition of enlightenment?

News & Story Ideas

What If Ageing Is Only A Belief We Learned?

Through James A Sinclair's awakening experienced, he learned that everyone ages according to the limiting beliefs they hold.  James shares how the latest research now coincides with his early experience.

Overcoming Depression, Anxiety & Fear The Easy Way

Becoming free is much easier than people realize.  James A Sinclair reveals hidden secrets that can be applied to feel better in minutes. 

Switch On Your Happiness Genes

The essence of every person is bliss.  James A Sinclair shows how to align with this inner essence and activate the incredible joy within you.

Every Upset Is A  Setup To Thrive

The challenges in our lives are actually opportunities to reach our next level.  Human potential expert, James A Sinclair explains how the problems we're facing are truly gifts, and shows us how to receive them.

What If You're Already Magnificent?

After releasing his award-winning, internationally acclaimed documentary film, What If? the Movie, that takes human potential to a whole new level, viewers asked how to overcome their limited selves.   Personal development expert, James A Sinclair, reveals how.

Meditate Like A Master

James A Sinclair shares leading-edge, scientifically proven techniques that help create rapid breakthroughs.

You Are Greater Than You Believe You Are

Most people learned limited programs about their capable of.  These limiting concepts of ourselves are still running, and interfering our lives today.  James A Sinclair shows us how to rewrite them.

Love Yourself & Live As Long As You Choose

Transformation expert, James A Sinclair, explains how we are all secretly already loving ourselves, and how to tap into this.

Speaker Information

Keynote speaker, James A Sinclair is a world leading educator and motivator of how to relinquish limiting beliefs that obscure the realization and expression of the Superhuman Self, within. 

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Media Coverage - Highlights

The Discovery Channel

Interview (by Eli Kabillio), 'A Matter Of Life & Breath'

Footage Currently Unavailable

Media Coverage 

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Published on November 23, 2020 Light Warrior Radio, Interview (by Dr. Karen Kan) Mistaken Identity With James A Sinclair

Published on November 18th, 2020 Awake TV Network, Interview (by Maureen Edwardson) - HUman Redefined 

Published on November 17th, 2020 BiteRadio, Interview (by Robert Sharpe) - Reprogram The Subconscious MInd 

Published on November 2, 2020 Counsciousness Conversations, Interview (by Marion O Mace), We Are All Magnificent

Published on November 1, 2020 Blue Ribbons, Interview (by Grandma Sparky/Helice Bridges), We're Not Our Small Self Image

Published on October 11, 2020 Awake TV Network, Interview (by Amanda Masters) - The Grand Self Movie Interview

Published on October, 2020 The KLW Project Group, Interview (by Karen L. Walker Cohn) - Overcoming Heartbreak

Published on September, 2020 The Tracy L. Clark Show, Interview (by Tracy L. Clark) - The Grand Self Movie With Producer

Published on September, 2020 Conscious Filmmakers With James Sebastiano, Interview (by Mia Monasterios) - Footage currently unavailable

Published on March, 2019 How To Align, Interview (by Karen Uppal) - Footage currently unavailable

Published on February 26, 2019 Take Back Your Energy, Interview (by Karen Preysnar) - How To Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Reality

Published on January, 2018 The Empowered Life, Interview (by Kim Louise Morrison) - Mastering Confidence To Go After Your Dreams

Published on October, 2017 Quantum Living, Interview (by Ilona Selke) - How To Access The Gamma Brainwave State

Published on October, 2014 Riviera Life, Interview (by Mark Dezzani) - 4 Awards For James A Sinclair's Owen Hart Production

Published on October, 2013 The Hollywood Reporter, 2 Awards For James A Sinclair's  Production For The Love Of Children Movie

Published on October, 2013 CTV Global News - Footage currently unavailable

Published on July 22, 2009 Healing - Interview (by Jenny Mannion) - Interview With Producer/Director James A Sinclair 

Published on December 2009, Monaco International Film Festival - What If? The Movie Wins Best Feature Documentary

Published on (TBA), BBC Radio Miracles Happen - Interview (by Iris Jackson), - Footage currently unavailable

Public Figures Interviewed/Produced by James A Sinclair

The following is a partial list of a few public figures who have been either interviewed personally, and/or had interviews produced 

by James A Sinclair.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, His Holiness Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Dan Millman, Brandon Bays, Bob Proctor, Uma Sankar, Rev. Joshua Mills, Bernie Siegel, MD., Gary Renard, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Kirby de Lanerolle, Dr. Eric Pearl, Brahmarshi Patriji, Kelly Hrudey (NHL), Theo Flury (NHL), Dr. Joe Dispenza, Hira Ratan Manek , Swami Buddh Puri, Leonard Orr, Dr. John Demartini, Neale Donald Walsch, Mayor Naheed Nenshi, His Holiness Sri Sri Riva Shankar, Ashild Bahl, Martha Hart and more.

Film Awards

What If? The Movie - WINNER BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY FILM - Monaco International Film Festival

The Owen Hart Foundation: A Look Back = WINNER BEST PICTURE - Angel Non-Violent Film Festival, Monte Carlo

The Owen Hart Foundation: WINNER BEST EDITING, SHORT FILM - Angel Non-Violent Film Festival, Monte Carlo

The Owen Hart Foundation: WINNER BEST NARRATION, SHORT FILM - Angel Non-Violent Film Festival, Monte Carlo

The Owen Hart Foundation: WINNER BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY DIRECTOR - Angel Non-Violent Film Festival, Monte Carlo

For The Love Of Children: WINNER BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY - Monaco International Film Festival

For The Love Of Children: WINNER BEST PICTURE - Monaco International Film Festival

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Section 1 (What): 

(This is the time to grip your audience so that they're curious enough to give their attention. Many interviewers lose their audiences right away with a long and  boring biographical introduction.)  

Example: "Hello everyone, I'm interviewing the award-winning movie Producer/Director, James A Sinclair, about his incredible new film, The Grand Self.  This is a highly engaging true story of James's life changing spiritual experiences that proved to him that we are much more than we believe we are and have unbounded potential when we awaken from our conditioned mind.  This is going to be mind blowing."

Section 2 (Why):

(Now, that you have captured your audiences attention, you can answer the 'why' should they spend any more time watching/listening.  In other words, what's in it for them to continue?  This is the area where most Podcastors and professional interviewers, etc, lose audience numbers by jumping right into the content.)  

Example: "In this interview James is going to describe to us how he was full of anxiety, fear, self doubts and a horrible self image while growing up...which I think so many of us experience and carry into adult hood. He will explain how through several amazing experiences with a higher power he realized that this small sense of self is a lie we learned that most of us still believe.  This false sense of self plagues almost everyone and is controlling all results in our lives.  James will share his journey and how we can free ourselves from the lie we've been living that causes all the suffering in our lives...and how it is our divine birthright to access our Grand Self that we truly are."

Section 3 (How):

(Here, you focus on...what is the process?  How can we become free from our learned limiting beliefs that create a lower identity that governs every aspect of our lives?)

Example: "The Grand Self is a feature length powerful movie you can watch online that shows you who you really are and what's in the way of experiencing your Grand Self, and how to clear the resistance.  The story, the journey, the experiences, the challenges and the people James meets in the movie are soul touching, to say the least. In fact, viewers say they experience a vibrational alignment with that higher part of themselves just by watching.  The constant feedback from this movie is that it is like a transmission of higher energy that allows you to experience more of your Grand Self."

Section 4 (Wrap Up):

(Here you can address the hidden questions of the audience...)

Example: If I begin to change what happens in my life?  What's the best advice you would offer the audience to experience more of their Grand Selves? You can explain how audiences can watch the movie and apply the methods that most resonate with them. People can watch the movie here: